Why breakfast is so important for kids

With the kids now back at school, more breakfasts are likely to be skipped in the rush to get out the door.

But it’s so important children eat a nutritious meal in the morning.

Leading dietitian Susie Burrell says children who eat breakfast are likely to do better in the classroom.

“Breakfast literally breaks the fast, helping to restore blood glucose levels so the brain and muscles have the energy they need,” she explains.

“It helps to support concentration throughout the morning, is a major contributor of dietary fibre and Vitamin B in the diet and helps to regulate appetite so we do not over consume sugary foods throughout the remainder of the day.”

Research has shown that “occasional skipping” of breakfast among children and adolescents is more common than them going without breakfast everyday.

In fact, it’s estimated up to one in five adolescents regularly skip breakfast.

Susie says both children and adults benefit from breakfasts rich in protein.

However, children can also benefit from fibre rich breakfast cereals with plenty of carbs for energy.

“A balanced breakfast should include a protein – nuts, eggs, dairy, fruits or vegetables and wholegrains – oats, wholegrain cereals,” Susie explains.

So specifically, what breakfast foods are good to eat and what should you avoid?

Susie, an ambassador for natural spread company Mayver’s says, says there are many simple healthy options.

“The best breakfast foods are protein rich options including eggs, smoked salmon, cottage cheese, protein rich breads and 100% nut spreads such as Mayver’s Peanut Butter,” Susie says.

“The worst, anything too processed and sugary – pastries, Turkish toast and deep fried foods such as hash browns.”