Free dental care for school kids

Did you know school-aged children can receive free dental care at the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service’s school dental van and clinic?

Students from Prep through to Year 10 are eligible to receive free dental care from one of the dental vans or clinics.

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, Director of Oral Health, Dr Elaine Mawdsley, said the school dental teams were highly skilled and experienced in treating children.The focus is on prevention and parents are encouraged to access care for their children before there is a problem.

Ensuring kids receive regular dental check-ups is important to help prevent small problems turning into big ones.

“Getting kids used to coming along for a dental visit can help set-up positive lifelong habits,” Dr Mawdsley said.

“The dental team will have a good look at your child’s teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy. They particularly look out for how new adult teeth are developing and for any tricky

spots the toothbrush might be missing.”

Siblings can be seen at the same time, and having a parent or guardian present helps involve them in their child’s dental care.

“Arranging an appointment is easy. Your child’s school will notify you when the dental van is due to visit, and provide you with the forms you need for the visit,” Dr Mawdsley said.”Alternatively, you are able to arrange an appointment at a van or clinic in your local area by phone or in person.”

For enquiries in your local area please contact:
Caloundra 5436880 Gympie 54898437
Noosa 54495900 Kawana 54384200