A program to empower your daughters

"Imagine if you could relive your childhood again with all of the knowledge, wisdom and hindsight you have now."

By Hollie Harris

These school holidays, give your daughter an invaluable experience she will hold onto for life.

Our daughters are met with so many personal challenges these days. With the fast pace of life and the internet teaching so many confusing and damaging messages to our young ones, it is more important than ever to equip them with the tools to navigate their way into womanhood.

Enhancing our girls’ sense of understanding and compassion for themselves and each other is a vital component to their future well-being.

Held at the Sunshine Beach Primary School, “Empower Me“ is a fun, safe and nurturing program for girls aimed at setting them up with all the tools they need to create the life of their dreams.

Raising an 11-year-old daughter and two pre-teen sons, local dad and women’s transformational coach, Scott O’Meara, felt compelled to reach out to the younger generation. With sincere intentions to guide our young ladies toward an empowered future, Scott’s warm and grounded nature brings an important positive male aspect into these workshops.“So many of my adult clients have said they wish they had access to these skills when they were young,” says Scott.

With three beautiful children of her own, Sunshine Beach mum and women’s wellness and mindset coach, Britta says the workshops are so important for our daughters and grand daughters.

“They can learn the tools to ignite their inner spark so that they can thrive through life feeling empowered,“ she says.

The girls will be introduced to guided meditations, relaxation and self-love and also how to identify dreams and goals by creating a powerful vision board to take home.

They will learn tools to help them work through fear, how it can affect their daily life and how to let it go. They will learn how to protect themselves from negativity and also gain a deeper understanding of their own emotions along the journey into adulthood. These are tools they will use throughout their whole lives.

“Empower Me“ will guide our emerging women with an inspiring and motivational approach to find their inner sparkle.

This is a truly special opportunity for your daughter to experience a bright and powerful future.

Monday 2 July, 9am-3pm, 9-13 years old.

Friday 6 July, 9am-3pm, 14-18 years old

Friday 13 July, Master Class 9-am-3pm, 9-18 years old.$65 per child / Sunshine Beach State Primary School Library.

For more information and bookings, check out Eventbrite – www.eventbrite.com.au/e/empower-me-teaching-young-females-the-tools-to-create-the-life-of-their-dreams-tickets-47044594649 or phone Britta on 0410 337 654.

Learn more about Scott’s work at www.relationshipwarrior.tv