The coolest kids activities on the Sunshine Coast

Family Seal Encounter.

Word on the street is that SEA LIFE is the coolest place to be if you’re looking for indoor kid fun on the Sunshine Coast.

There are so many fun kids activities within the aquarium. Whether it’s the weekend or the school holidays, whether you’re looking to escape the summer sun or the winter rain, this is the Sunshine Coast place to be.

Here’s just a few reasons why…


Be a Marine Biologist for a Day

Drop the kids off at the aquarium for a full or half day and we’ll inspire their inner scientist with the SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Marine Biologist for a Day program. Not only will your kids get a full tour of the attraction, including VIP seating at the ever-popular seal presentation, they’ll also get insight into the inner workings of the aquarium. Marine experts will take them behind the scenes to staff-only areas – they’ll even get to help out with some animal feeding demonstrations.

The Marine Biologist for a Day program is a Sunshine Coast school holiday activity program. Spots are limited, so be sure to book ahead!


Shipwreck Shores

Shipwreck Shores is a kid’s paradise, with a three-level indoor play zone featuring a themed twisty slide, climbing frames and fun obstacles. Real life shipwrecks provide rich new habitats for creatures to grow, and like them, the shipwreck themed playground is a place of fun and adventure. If you look hard enough you might even discover its own hidden natural wonders.

The shipwreck-themed structure, which is included in the admission price, is guaranteed to use up that excess energy and keep the kids entertained for hours. It’s also conveniently located next to the café where you can grab yourself a well-deserved treat.


Seal Encounter

Get your kids an up close and unforgettable experience with SEA LIFE’s furry and friendly seals – it’s the best kids activity on the Sunshine Coast and an absolutely magical encounter. They’ll be able to touch the seals’ gorgeous fur, shake hands (or is that fins?) to get acquainted, and revel in their cheeky yet undeniably social nature. Then, to cap everything off, your child can pose for a photo alongside their new aquatic friend to take home.

Want to spend even more time with the seals? You can jump into the water with them at Seal Island! It’s the ultimate face-to-face experience with the lovable seals. Swim, splash and play while learning all about the seal’s habits, diets, environment and more during your Seal Swim.

Finding Dory

Created in partnership with Disney Pixar, the experience features interactive magical moments from the box-office smash hit, Finding Dory. Throughout the interactive journey you will be amazed with tales of spectacular underwater animals as you are led into Dory’s reef. Don’t forget to also take part in Nemo’s Challenge using your own echo locator in Bailey’s Maze.


Jellyfish Kingdom

Did you know that jellyfish have lived in oceans for over 650 million years? That means they’re older than dinosaurs and even sharks. Get closer than you’ve ever dared before and spot the Blue Blubber and Moon Jelly in SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium’s Jellyfish Kingdom. Marvel at these majestic creatures infinite colours, graceful motion and ghost-like form.


Behind the Scenes Tour

Book yourself and the kids in for one of the Sunshine Coast’s most unique activities at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium. The tour takes you behind closed doors to see what happens in the aquarium, along with learning about how SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast helps sick and injured turtles in their unique turtle rehabilitation area. The Behind the Scenes Tour is available every day and is just $10 extra on top of a general admission ticket. What a bargain!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your family in for a fun-filled day of Sunshine Coast kids activities at the aquarium!