Scholarship gives Charlotte a great shot at music career

Charlotte Playford (centre) with Tony Wellington and Noosa MP Sandy Bolton.

By Melissa Grant

A Noosa Chances scholarship has helped a musically talented student to keep taking weekly clarinet lessons and follow her dream of being a professional musician.

Charlotte Playford, who has just begun high school, started singing at age 4.

Two years ago Charlotte took up clarinet, and last year she was band captain at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School.

Last year she was also awarded a Noosa Chances scholarship.

Father Brenton Playford says the scholarship has been a huge help as he supports his two musically talented children while studying at university.

“Any extra financial help keeps my children’s dreams alive towards creating a chance of a great future for them,” he said.

“For us, this (scholarship) helped keep Charlotte receiving weekly clarinet lessons with Bruce Barnett, former music teacher of Sunshine Beach State High School and current jazz musician.”

This year, Charlotte was accepted into the music of excellence program for singing and music of excellence program for playing clarinet.

“We are all so proud of Charlotte with her dedication to practicing singing and clarinet. She also plays guitar and piano,” Brenton said.

“Thank-you so much Noosa Chances for awarding Charlotte a scholarship to help her towards what we see as a definite future in the music industry.”