Never too early to work on that smile

Simone Gardner, Paul Barnicoat, Kim Barnicoat and Tiarah Nash welcome you to BKP Dental.

We all want what’s best for our children. From the day they are conceived, our primary goal is to keep them healthy and safe.
BKP Dental in Tewantin are aware that pregnancy has its challenges which can include maintaining healthy teeth. From the swollen ankles to the replacement of our bodies, with two bodies sharing the same space, both needing nourishment and rest.
Throughout pregnancy, the unborn baby is already beginning to grow his new teeth, as early as 6 to 8 weeks the baby teeth have started to form, and by 20 weeks the adult teeth are forming. Imagine, some of us have only just found out we are expecting!
Does healthy teeth for all children for a lifetime sound impossible? BKP Dental Tewantin want to assure you, not only is it entirely possible, it’s cheaper, healthier and easier than you may think. With a few simple tips you can care for a child’s teeth in no time at all.
Organic, natural no sugar added, these are shopping phrases we all use, and they are best for baby and their teeth – the more processed the food is the worse it is for teeth.

5 top tips for healthy children’s teeth.

1. Avoid putting juice into bottles for baby.
Sugar in juice has already been processed and therefore can cause cavities, a small amount of diluted juice will do just as much damage as the neat stuff.
2. Promote healthy snacking.
Fruit sugars are different to processed sugars, so encourage fruit/veg snacks not biscuits or lollies. Dried fruit has very high sugar content, so save this as a treat.
3. Brush teeth two times a day.
You don’t have to use a toothbrush until the baby is ready, but as soon as the first tooth appears, plaque will settle and cavities can form. Use a facecloth, or a cotton bud to wipe the plaque from the teeth and a toothbrush when you feel the baby is ready.
4. Toothpaste or not?
If you want to use a toothpaste use one, but beware babies don’t always like them! Use a very small amount – babies and toddlers struggle to spit it out so will swallow, so it’s OK not to use toothpaste at first.
5. Visit the dentist
There is nothing worse for your child than a fall, sore mouth, and strange place with strange people. Get them used to coming in and having a ride in the chair and a polish and it’s more fun for them too! Some kids are eligible for $1000 of free dentistry so call BKP Dental to see if you are eligible on 5455 5224.
Taking care of yourself throughout pregnancy is important. Bleeding gums (pregnancy gingivitis) is common. Gum disease can be associated with pre-term and low-birth-weight babies so why not begin your child’s dental care now and treat yourself to a visit and a clean with a BKP Dental hygienist.