Mum of two fights for life

Sunshine Beach local Halie Adams with her family Mark, Lachie and Cody. Picture: Dave Gleeson Surfshots

By Abbey Cannan

Just six years after losing her mum to breast cancer, Sunshine Beach local Halie Adams became the youngest woman in Australia to be diagnosed with the disease.

After a gruelling two year fight, which included chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, the then 20-year-old miraculously beat the deadly disease and was given the all-clear.

At 40 years of age with two young boys, Halie was about to celebrate being in remission for two decades.

That was, until her world came crashing down on 23 May this year when she was diagnosed with Stage Four, primarily ovarian, chest, liver and heart cancer.

Ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer affecting women in Australia.

In 2015, 1365 new cases of ovarian cancer were diagnosed.

Halie said her diagnosis came as a massive shock after being in remission for 20 years.

“Basically, I’m up for the fight of my life,” she said.

“I’m a very positive person and I believe I have the strength in me to do this again as I am a fighter.

“I’m going to fight hard for my children and my partner.”

Halie initially thought she might be pregnant again after feeling what she thought were symptoms, but once she had her period she decided to visit the doctor.

There is currently no screening for ovarian cancer available in Australia and the symptoms are quite broad.

“After having multiple scans, I got given the terrible news by my doctor,” Halie said.

Halie has lived at Sunshine Beach with her family for six years. She’s always loved to keep active by spending her days playing tennis with friends and jogging 10kms while pushing a pram carrying her two boys.

She’s incredibly grateful to be a mum.  After undergoing chemotherapy at age 20, Halie was told by doctors it was unlikely she would be able to have children.

Halie always wanted to have her own kids and, during her chemotherapy, she had part of her ovary removed and frozen.

“It’s a miracle that I had my two boys naturally and I feel blessed,” she said.

“In a way, it really is a miracle that I had two boys as if I had a baby girl, she would have carried the same the BRACA 1 gene, which is the breast cancer gene and has come from my genetic make-up.

“Both my mother passed at 37, and my aunt at 35 years from the disease.”

With Halie currently undergoing chemotherapy at the Kawana Hospital, she is unable to continue to work and financially her family (Mark, Lachie and Cody) need help.

Halie’s friends have started a GoFundMe fundraiser for anyone who wishes to give the family a helping hand.

Halie said while she appreciates people are donating, she really just wants to spread awareness.

“I was about to do some work for breast cancer awareness as it was my 20 years of remission, but that has all changed now,” Halie said.

“Your body is a temple, so look after it.”

To donate, visit GoFundMe and search ‘Help Halie Fight Cancer’.