Fairy Patch friends

Tied Tulle Rainbow Tutu, $30, (four sizes toddler – teen). Picture: Lisa W

Fairy Kait flew in to the Fairy Patch in Eumundi two years ago and is just as much in love with what she sells as her customers.
“I often hear customers say ‘oooh look, a little girls’ paradise’, or ‘heaven for little girls’. I wanted to create that feeling of wonder and entering a magical world,” Kait said.
“I love to see girls’ faces when they try on a dress and can’t stop posing and grinning at their reflection in the mirror, and having a chat about the fairies that live at their house.”
You will often find Kait dressed up as a fairy, which encourages serious discussions about the tooth fairy, elves, pixies and other magical matters with the small people who visit her store.
“I have loved introducing a big range of Fairy Gardening pieces to the shop. I enjoy watching customers delight in choosing from solar light toadstool houses, furniture, fairies, unicorns, handmade wooden tables with mini food and tea sets, miniature animals and bits, to put in their fairy gardens.”
Enter the world of fairies and toadstools in the Eumundi Square, Eumundi Markets, and say hello to Fairy Kait on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays or checkout the Facebook page at Fairy Patch Eumundi.