‘Do it right, go left’

Young children strapped into the car on the way to school

Parents are being urged to teach their children to ‘do it right, go left’.The simple message could save a child’s life, according to peak motoring body RACQ

.“To make sure little ones aren’t getting out of the car into the way of oncoming traffic, they should learn to exit on the left-hand side of the car,” RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said.

“Teach them the saying – ‘do it right, go left’, to help it stick in their minds.”

Ms Ross said parents and caregivers should be hyper-vigilant in school zones, as children generally did not think about road safety when they arrived at the gate.

The warnings come as new RACQ research reveals 89 per cent of motorists are frustrated by other drivers who ignore restricted speed limits in school zones.

“We understand why Queenslanders are frustrated because there’s no reason for speeding – and to do it in school zones and risk children’s lives, is inexcusable,” Ms Ross said.

“School zones become a hive of activity, especially around start and finish times with children crossing the road or riding their bikes, and parents dropping off or picking up their kids, so all drivers need to exercise patience and pay extra attention to their surroundings.”