Brush Song to make toothbrushing fun

Kids often resist toothbrushing.

However, they may now find the daily task more fun thanks to a new song launched by Queensland Health.

Chief Dental Officer Mark Brown said parents could use the easy-to-remember song as a tool to make night-time and morning brushing routines a whole lot easier.

“Our dental animation is a new, educational tool for parents to play while they help their kids brush their teeth,” he said.

“The song goes for two minutes, which is the recommended brushing time.

“The lyrics are also a fun take on our dental health messages – use a soft toothbrush with a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste, and brush for two minutes, twice a day, every day.”

Dr Brown said data showed too many Queensland kids had poor oral health.”The latest data shows more than half of kids aged 5 to 14 attending Queensland Health oral health services have a history of tooth decay. Around 24 per cent experience decay in four or more teeth,” he said.

“We want to turn these stats around and promote good oral health right from the get-go – and to do that, we need to make toothbrushing fun and our messages easily understandable.”

Queensland dad Dan said playing the brush song for his son Eddie has made toothbrushing a better experience.

“My two-year-old son, Eddie, loves to brush his teeth to this song – even my wife sings the song around the house,” he said.

“The colourful animation and catchy song makes him want to brush his teeth in the morning and at night, without any hassle.

“It allows us to brush his teeth more effectively as he is entertained for the full two minutes.”

The Brush Song can be accessed on Queensland Health’s Facebook page or by visiting