Active minds at play

At YMCA Sunshine Coast University Hospital Child Care the children have access to a permanent art studio with various art media for children to create, explore and process their thoughts, views and feelings.
YMCA SCUH Child Care would like to highlight the importance of children’s literature and representational drawing and explain that art not only enhances creativity, but is crucial for innovation and adaptation.
Creative people have the ability to see multiple solutions to a problem, employ original thoughts and use their imagination. They believe that art promotes such skills, encouraging unique and divergent responses and diverse ways of looking at things.
Children make efforts to communicate to their world around them and establish meaning via the images they create and they express the views and interpretations of their experiences through artform.
For young children; pencil, brush and paper are the best means of conveying their fondest memories, hopes and – at times – fears.
As stated by Pablo Picasso: “Every child is an artist”.