By Jade Glen

Morgan Rackham and Timothy Morgan have rolled the dice twice and got two sets of fraternal twins – a statistical quirk that has roughly the same odds as winning third division with a single entry of Tattslotto.
The couple’s eldest twins Bentley and Mackenzie were born seven years ago, delivered naturally at 36 weeks gestation. Last year the couple enjoyed a week in Las Vegas and on their return discovered that Morgan was pregnant again.
“It was a case of what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas,” Morgan said. The couple did not think they would be having twins again, but an early dating scan proved otherwise. “The sonographer had a look and said there’s one – and there’s two. I was a lot more scared this time. To have one healthy twin pregnancy is one thing; but to pull it off again is another,” she said. Both of Morgan’s pregnancies were similar, with minor complications towards the end. But the births of both sets of twins were very different. Morgan was induced at 36 weeks with her first pregnancy as Bentley had stopped growing in utero. Bentley was delivered first, weighing 4lb 1oz, and Morgan saw him briefly before he was whisked away to the Special Care Nursery. It was another 42 minutes before Mackenzie arrived, weighing 4lb 9oz, after some manipulation by the obstetrician. Morgan was discharged from hospital after 48 hours, while the twins were kept in special care for 9 days. “I was setting my alarm every three hours to express and travelling to see them every day,” Morgan said. When Bentley and Mackenzie came home, Morgan found getting out and about relatively simple. “They loved the pram and slept everywhere I went – I was out every day doing stuff.” Because of their small size at birth, the twins had a few extra checks with the Child Health Nurse, but showed no ill effects. Mackenzie would hit all her milestones like first tooth and toilet training first, with Bentley always picking it up spot on one month later. They shared a cot for a time and still enjoy ‘sleeping over’ in each other’s rooms. The second-time around, plans for a natural delivery were scrapped when at 37 weeks, when Riley was still breach and Cody was not engaged, and the growth of both babies had slowed significantly. “We went in on the Monday and he said get organised, the caesarean is happening tomorrow.” Riley was born weighing 5lb 5oz and Cody 4lb 13oz. “They were pretty much in our room the whole time, which was really nice to help get our head around having babies again,” Morgan said. Timothy’s mum came to look after the eldest twins the first night, and Morgan’s mum came to stay and take the kids to and from school. After five days, Morgan and Timothy and the twins left hospital. Timothy went back to work at his personal training business shortly after returning home. “Everything kind of went back to normal – we were doing the usual after school activities, swimming and dancing. It was an organised chaos,” Morgan said. The eldest twins adjusted to their new brothers after a brief period of rebellion and are very attentive. “They have been absolutely amazing. They have coped really well with the attention shift and instantly get up to help. Mackenzie especially is such a little mother,” Timothy said. Morgan, a beauty therapist, has started to see a few clients again at her home business. The family knows plenty of others with one set of twins but no others nearby with two sets. While there’s one spare seat in the family car, they don’t plan to try for one more; they’ve decided the odds of having another pair are a tad too high.